Orleans Detention Alternative Program

ODAP is a pre-adjudication alternative to detention program that seeks to ensure that youth will return for court appearances and do not re-offend while under supervision.  ODAP Youth Advocates work with youth who are high need but not high risk to the community. ODAP wraps services around the family and the child through its advocates and face-to-face contact.

The model of advocacy stems from the premise that every individual and family has strengths and capabilities that can and must be developed. The program is committed to family-focused programming that empowers youth and families to lead healthy, safe, and productive lives.  ODAP often serves clients who have been rejected by other service providers.

The ODAP approach is based on a ‘never give up’ philosophy.   Hence, ODAP will not eject or discharge any youth for non-compliance.  The advocate will continue to offer support to the youth and family even when the problems appear to be persistent. The goal of the advocate is to support the youth and family though their struggles by consistently reminding them of their strengths, and empower the youth and family to utilize whatever strengths are available, and to wrap enough community supports around the family that will enable them to persist in attempting to resolve the problem.

Eligible youth:            

Ages 10-17

  • RAI score: *11 or 12 first time gun possession (ODAP & EM) 13-14
  • Pre-adjudication          
  • Require intensive supervision in the community as an alternative to Youth Study Center

For more information or assistance please call Ms. Kendra Alexis (504)-658-9541