Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Traffic Division

The Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Traffic Division: Encouraging Safe Driving Habits

Under the leadership of Chief Judge Ranord J. Darensburg (Section F), the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court holds exclusive jurisdiction over all cases involving juveniles who have been issued traffic violations within the city of New Orleans.

As Chief Judge Darensburg states, "Driving is often a youth's first step into independence. Our goal in the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Traffic Division is to provide young drivers with the education and tools needed to encourage safe and responsible driving habits."

The Traffic Division recognizes the importance of instilling good driving practices early on, as these habits can last a lifetime. By addressing traffic violations committed by juveniles and providing educational resources, the court aims to promote responsible behavior behind the wheel and keep New Orleans' roads safer for everyone.

Received a Ticket? Know Your Rights!

If you have been issued a citation, a courtesy NOTICE OF CITATION will be mailed to the address provided on your ticket within three weeks from the date of issuance. This notice will contain important information, including:

  • The alleged violation
  • Fines and fees associated with the citation
  • Available payment options 


Parents are key to safe teen drivers.
Please review teen driving video for safe driving tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Completion of the driving course will result in the violation not being reported to insurance. Presentation of a completion certificate may result in discount on insurance premiums.

If you have not received a courtesy notice within 4 weeks of receiving the citation please contact the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court at (504) 658-9563. Please be prepared to provide your name and citation number.

The court date that appears on your NOTICE OF CITATION may be extended for up to 60 days by making a request by mail, email or telephone. A timely request for extension will ensure that a warrant is not issued for your appearance. If you require more than 60 days, a court appearance will be required. Extension are NOT allowed after court date on NOTICE OF CITATION has passed.

If you fail to appear, do not make a timely request for an extension or do not pay fines, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be notified which may result in one or more to the following outcomes.

  1. Issuance of warrant for your appearance
  2. Suspension of driving privileges
  3. Revocation of Drivers Licensed
  4. Additional fines and fees

You and a parent or guardian MUST appear on the date and time listed on the NOTICE OF CITATION.
  • You have the right to have your attorney present for the hearing.
  • You will not be penalized in any way for contesting your citation

You will also have the right to speak to the city attorney concerning your case, if you wish to do so. As the prosecuting authority for traffic violations, the city attorney has the constitutional authority to decide which charges to prosecute and which charges to dismiss. The court does not interfere with the city attorney's constitutional authority.