June 6, 2024 | From City of New Orleans

The Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families, Children’s Youth and Planning Board and New Orleans Youth Alliance Enter Phase III of Youth Master Plan

NEW ORLEANS — The Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families (OYF), the Children’s Youth and Planning Board (CYPB) and the New Orleans Youth Alliance (NOYA) are proud to announce the commencement of Phase III in the creation and implementation of theYouth Master Plan. This strategic blueprint aims to cultivate a youth-centered New Orleans by directing citywide stakeholders and resources towards addressing critical issues, meeting defined goals and enhancing the lives of the city's youth and families. 

Phase III: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

In Phase III, the focus shifts to the practical application of the Youth Master Plan with an emphasis on implementation, ongoing monitoring and thorough evaluation. A vital component of this phase is the introduction of a sophisticated data management system, supported by a $600,000 City budget allocation for 2024. This system is designed to serve as a comprehensive hub, linking data across various youth-serving institutions and organizations, thereby offering a more complete understanding of quality of life outcomes for New Orleans' youth. 

New Orleans Youth Data Hub 

Currently, New Orleans is home to roughly 112,000 children and youth, from infancy to 24 years of age. However, there is a critical gap in understanding the availability and effectiveness of youth programs and services in the city. The New Orleans Youth Data Hub aims to address this gap by centralizing, aggregating, mapping, analyzing and transparently sharing youth programming data. This initiative will: 

  • Increase Public Awareness and Access to Programs: By providing comprehensive information on available youth programs, the data hub will make it easier for young people and their families to find and access the services they need. 
  • Understand Baseline Numbers, Utilization Rates, Gaps and Access Issues: Through detailed data analysis, stakeholders will gain a clear understanding of current program utilization, identify service gaps and address access issues. 
  • Evaluate Program Outcomes and Quality: By evaluating program effectiveness and quality, the data hub will ensure that youth programs are meeting their intended goals and continuously improving. 

“This data hub can provide more connectivity between youth and families serving institutions,” said OYF Director Asya Howlette. “It will allow for more intention when accessing budgetary needs, and we have the opportunity to share a more holistic and accurate narrative about the young people of New Orleans. Our youth are our community's greatest asset, and we are excited about the opportunity to make more sound decisions on behalf of and in partnership with our future.” 

Youth Data Hub: A Collaborative Effort

The Youth Data Hub brings together communities, providers, policymakers and researchers to form partnerships aimed at making informed decisions in the creation and implementation of programs and policies. These efforts are designed to eliminate disparities and achieve equitable outcomes for the success of New Orleans' youth and families. With the Hub, stakeholders can: 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the interrelated needs of communities 
  • Compare services and outcomes across various groups by gender, race/ethnicity, place and specific subpopulations such as foster youth or youth experiencing homelessness 
  • Address inequities in resources and opportunities effectively 

“Thanks to the initial investment from the City of New Orleans, data about our youth will be in one place,” said CYPB Executive Director Karen Evans. “Together, using a collective impact approach, we can build out the first New Orleans Youth Data Hub based on the information we have long needed. The hub can help provide answers to key questions about what programs currently exist, the number of seats programs have available and for who or what developmental stages/ages, how many seats go unfilled or whether there are waitlists for the 112,000 children and youth ages infancy to 24 years in New Orleans. It's exciting to imagine that soon the New Orleans community will have access to the data needed to inform plans, access, expectations, results and necessary investments to support success for the children and youth of New Orleans.” 

Secure and Efficient Data Sharing

The Hub will offer a more secure and efficient way for agencies to share data, which will help inform policy decisions, program design and funding opportunities. This approach ensures that the diverse needs of the community are better addressed, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all youth. 

“Imagine a centralized place for all data and services for the purpose of supporting young people and their families – that is the goal of a New Orleans data hub,” said NOYA Director Dr. James Dabney. “The hub aims to be a strategic and meaningful tool accessible to our community. The impact of this powerful resource on youth programming and youth in our city has yet to be fully imagined, and until its full execution, yet to be realized.” 

Community and Stakeholder Meeting

Residents are encouraged to attend the community and stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, July 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to discuss how we can make this resource reflect the values and needs of New Orleans. The meeting location will be announced in the coming weeks. Your participation is crucial to ensuring that the Youth Data Hub truly serves our community. 

Commitment to Transparency and Community Involvement

The data infrastructure will prioritize the inclusion of youth and community voices, ensure the participation of key sectors and incorporate disaggregated data to reflect diverse needs and experiences. High standards of privacy will be maintained, and findings will be transparently shared through public reports, ensuring accountability and fostering community trust. 

This innovative approach will provide invaluable insights into how effectively New Orleans is supporting its youth and guide future investments in youth programming and services. 

For more information, please contact the Mayor's Office of Youth and Families at (504) 658-7806. 

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