Identify Your Bug

The New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board staff has a number of entomologists, experts on different kinds of insects, who can help citizens identify unknown bugs. Citizens with an unidentified bug or bug problem can request assistance with identification from Board staff.

In-Person/By Mail Identification

Residents or pest control professionals with questions about an insect or spider can bring a sample to the Board at 2100 Leon C. Simon Drive any day Monday – Friday, between 8am and 4 pm for identification and treatment recommendation. 

Preparing the Specimen

  1. Place the insect in a small plastic tube or container.  Deliveries made the same day as when the specimen was collected do not need to be preserved. When delivering the insect to Board entomologists 24 or more hours after it was collected, place the insect or spider in rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizing gel in order to preserve it.  Citizens without alcohol or sanitizing gel should place the specimen in a freezer until they can purchase some. 
  2. Do not place tape on the insect and mail the sample in a envelope.  Samples sent this way arrive destroyed and identification becomes challenging or impossible. 
  3. An identification form (below) is required for each specimen. All submissions must include the person's name, address where the insect or spider was collected, and phone number. 

It is important to handle the specimen carefully to prevent antennae, legs, and other body parts from breaking.  The Board will identify the specimen within 1 to 2 business days depending on the condition of the specimen.  


  • Orleans Parish resident: free of charge
  • Members of the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association: free of charge
  • Louisiana and Mississippi residents: $10 for each identification
  • Pest Control professionals not members of the Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association: $15 per sample

Online Identification

Citizens may also fill out the online form below and upload pictures of the specimen for the Board in place of submitting an insect specimen. NOTE: identification is not guaranteed and is assisted by having actual specimen in hand.

Whether submitting online, by mail, or in person, all requests for identification must have a completed identification form.

Items marked in red are required.

Your information

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Bug information

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