Mosquito Control

New Orleans high annual rainfall and warm temperatures provide natural breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The Board's primary mission is to conduct and assess mosquito-control activities, and monitor populations of disease and virus-transmitting mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Methodology

The New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board (NOMTCB) conducts mosquito surveillance through weekly monitoring of different types of mosquito traps placed throughout the city. Gravid traps baited with a fish oil emulsion, collect the “southern house mosquito” (Culex quinquefasciatus) the local vector of West Nile virus. Collected mosquitoes are sorted into “pools” and submitted for virus testing at the Louisiana State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Baton Rouge.

To control mosquitoes, the Board applies larvicides to storm drains and standing water, engages in source reduction activities, and conducts aerial and truck adulticide applications as warranted.

Community Outreach

Citizens can call 311 to have their yards inspected to determine if it needs treatment for mosquitos.The Board also goes door-to-door to educate residents about West Nile virus and has partnered with the Department of Sanitation to remove tires, Sewerage and Water Board inspectors to identify and treat water leaks and New Orleans Fire & Police Departments to conduct community outreach efforts.

The Board keeps the public informed of West Nile virus activity in Orleans Parish through press releases, television and radio interviews.