Mosquito Spray Zones

Forms of Spraying Used

New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board conducts pesticide applications by truck and airplane. The ultra low volume (ULV) truck-mounted sprayers primarily spray at night in order to most effectively address the Southern House Mosquito, the primary West Nile virus vector. Trucks do not pass down every street when an area is treated because aerosolized particles drift up to 300 feet.

Factors Used To Determine Where to Spray

The Control Board uses a series of factors to determine where to spray, which include:

  • Surveillance data
  • Species of mosquito and number of mosquitoes collected from mosquito light traps placed throughout Orleans Parish
  • The presence of arboviruses such as West Nile virus
  • The number of citizen service requests in a given area


When we don't spray

  • Spraying is not performed during the day for several reasons:
  • Mosquitoes are not as active during the day as in the evening
  • Mosquitoes must be actively flying to obtain effective control
  • Beneficial insects, especially honeybees, are active during the daylight hours, and insecticides sprayed can kill them
  • People are out during the day, and spraying may cause unneeded exposure to the insecticide
  • Traffic congestion would make the operation of a spray truck difficult during business hours
  • Thermal currents can cause the insecticide to rise or move in directions not conductive to effective control

Report a Problem

  • Citizens experiencing mosquito problems may call 311 to arrange for a Board inspection of their homes.