Handling Nuisance Animals in New Orleans

While the Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board inspectors are not licensed to handle nuisance animals, there are resources available for residents who encounter various wildlife issues.


If you need assistance removing an alligator, contact the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department at 1-800-422-2511. Do not attempt to approach or remove an alligator on your own, as this can be extremely dangerous.


 The New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board no longer collects birds for West Nile virus testing. To dispose of a dead bird, follow these steps:

  1. Use disposable gloves or an inverted plastic bag to pick up the bird.
  2. Place the bird in a double plastic bag.
  3. Dispose of the bag in your regular household trash.

If you encounter a live bird that appears to be in distress, you can speak to a biologist for guidance by calling (504) 658-2400.

Other Wildlife:

For issues with other wildlife such as raccoons, opossums, or snakes:

  • Contact a licensed wildlife removal specialist
  • Check with local animal control services
  • For injured wildlife, reach out to a wildlife rehabilitation center

For nuisance wildlife not covered by the Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board or the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department, residents can search online or in the phone book for Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCO). These state-licensed independent operators charge a fee for their services, which are not regulated by the state.


  • Never attempt to handle wild animals yourself
  • Many species are protected by state or federal laws
  • If you encounter a sick or injured animal, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator