Termite Control

Termite Control in New Orleans

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Control Board Objectives:

1. Protect City Property:

  • Provide termite control for New Orleans facilities, trees, and greenspace
  • Conduct fumigations for drywood termites in City buildings

2. Research and Prevention:

  • Study termite biology through intensive research of colonies in Armstrong Park
  • Safeguard historic French Quarter properties and trees from Formosan subterranean termites (These termites have caused an estimated $300 million in local damage)
  • Learn more about Formosan Subterranean Termites here

3. Education and Inspection:

  • Train City employees on reducing conditions that lead to termite infestations
  • Protect new construction and renovations from termites
  • Conduct inspections for property acquisitions
  • Our Approach: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Since 2006, we've implemented an IPM program for City buildings and greenspace. This approach:

  • Reduces pesticide use
  • Applies targeted treatments only when necessary
  • Saves the City money on labor, equipment, and pesticide costs
  • Minimizes damage potential
  • Maintains a pleasant workplace for City employees

IPM Process:

  1. Thorough inspection
  2. Pest identification
  3. Detailed recommendations to property owners/managers
  4. Treatment
  5. Ongoing site evaluations
  6. Implementation of sanitation, exclusion, mechanical, and chemical control methods

Importance of Pest Surveys:

  • Determine pest locations, species, and movement
  • Protect the public from vector-borne diseases, venomous spiders, and harmful pests
  • Collect and analyze data for swift, appropriate treatment

For more information, see our PORT-COVER-fact-sheet.


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