Information for Members


Membership is mandatory for all persons employed by the City of New Orleans unless any of the following apply:

  • Part-time employees working less than half of the normal workweek (less than 17.5 hours of a thirty-five hour workweek or less than 20 hours of a forty hour workweek)
  • Persons classified as emergency, temporary or transient employees.
  • Persons with membership in another City sponsored pension plan (e.g., Firefighters’ Pension and Relief Fund).
  • Persons with membership in another Louisiana retirement system which receives contributions from the City of New Orleans on behalf of the member.

The employees of the following agencies are also members of NOMERS:

  • Orleans Parish Communication District
  • Board of Liquidation
  • District Attorney’s Office (non attorneys only)
  • Criminal District Court
  • Civil District Court
  • Recorder of Mortgages
  • Register of Conveyances
  • First City Court

Current Benefit Payment Information

To view your current benefit information visit My Benefits Payment. This is a website that is hosted by JP Morgan, who processes the monthly benefit payments for retirees. The website will allow you to view your transaction information and access 1099 tax statements. In order to access the site, you will need to contact JP Morgan at 888-719-8932 to verify your account and receive your User ID and password.

Special Tax Notice

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