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The New Orleans Music Census is more than just a study - it's a vital exploration of the heartbeat of a city renowned for its musical heritage. By delving into the entire local music ecosystem, we're shedding light on the diverse tapestry of artists, venues, and supporters, fostering a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and economic impact of music in New Orleans.

Counting the Beats: City of New Orleans Initiates Study to Analyze and Support City's Nightlife Ecosystem 

NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Nighttime Economy proudly announces the launch of the New Orleans Music Census, an initiative aimed at gathering comprehensive data to support future policymaking for the city's vibrant nightlife ecosystem.

The investment in this study highlights the City’s continued commitment to fostering the individuals, businesses and organizations that play a role in making New Orleans a world-class cultural hub. Recognizing music and culture as critical economic drivers, the Music Census will play an essential role in understanding the challenges these sectors face in supporting their contribution to the City of New Orleans.  

“As the birthplace of modern music, we recognize how important our culture bearers are to keeping New Orleans vibrant," said Director of Nighttime Economy Howie Kaplan. "This study will serve as a roadmap for how the City can best support them.” 

The New Orleans Music Census will interview and survey local venues, musicians, non-profits and other professionals involved in the local music ecosystem. By capturing data on both the living and working conditions of contributors to the local nightlife economy, the census will provide data-driven insights that will assist community leaders and policymakers in identifying and addressing challenges facing the city's rich culture. 

Beginning on May 10, this initiative is in partnership with Sound Music Cities, an Austin-based firm specializing in localized music ecosystem studies. The New Orleans Music Census is part of a larger cohort involving 20 cities nationwide, including Nashville, TN, Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis, MN. 

“It is critical that we hear from as many individuals as possible, from all corners of the local music scene" said Nighttime Economy Policy & Outreach Manager Julia Heath. "We already know about some of the challenges and opportunities that face our music ecosystem, but hard data is the best way to move policy forward. Our office is committed to driving meaningful change that will support what our city is the most known for: its music.”  

In order to emphasize inclusivity and collaboration with community leaders, the Office of Nighttime Economy invites community members to reach out to learn more about how they can participate in this community-driven initiative. For more information, please visit 


To join as a community partner, please contact Julia Heath at