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Organizers planning events in any New Orleans public parks must obtain an approved permit from the Department of Parks and Parkways. Common venues that fall under their permitting oversight include Jackson Square, Brechtel Park, Washington Square, Mississippi River Heritage Park, Lafayette Square, Coliseum Square, Armstrong Park among numerous other neighborhood pocket parks.

Please contact Parks and Parkways well in advance to apply for a permit allowing use of these open green spaces under City management. Abiding by permit policies allows the Department to coordinate scheduling, provide access, mobilize any support resources and communicate about activities with the public. They ensure both event success and continued community enjoyment of cherished parks. Click here to see a map to help you determine who has the jurisdiction over other parks in the City of New Orleans. 

Full information on hosting events in public parks, including a schedule of fees (by park), rules and regulations, and potential additional permits needed can be found on the Parks & Shelters Permits page.

Events in Jackson Square

Booking Forms

Citizens wishing to book a park space should call the department (504) 658-3201. or email to ask if the date is available. 

Once confirmation of date availability is confirmed, requestors can file a booking request form by fax (504) 658-3227 or by email.

View permit information from One Stop.