Photography in Jackson Square

  1. Jackson Square is a public park and may be used as a backdrop for photography whether professional, planned, formal or staged.
  2. All commercial, professional, staged, planned or formal photography must be scheduled and permitted.
  3. booking request form outlining the date, time, number of participants and any other affiliated items must be submitted at least two weeks in advance for processing. This form can be found at the link above or by calling the Department at (504) 658-3201.
  4. A non-refundable $50 processing fee must be received before reservations are scheduled.
  5. Upon receipt of the booking request form, a letter of permission/approval will be sent to the interested party detailing the deadline for fees/deposits and provisions to be met to place the event on the Parkways Event calendar.
  6. A session of greater than 10 people will be require a litter/damage deposit and will be returned if there has been compliance with all  the rules and all parties involved have vacated the premises on time. All litter must be removed from park grounds immediately following the photography sessions. This will insure the return of the litter/damage deposit provided no damage to the parks plant materials, fixtures or any other park amenity has occurred.
  7. A copy of the permission letter must be presented to Parkways staff upon arrival in the square.
  8. The fees for photographic sessions are based on the number of participants including the photographer and the crew.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Fee schedule
Number of People Fee per hour
1 - 25 $50
26 - 50 $100
51- 100 $250
Over 100 determined on a case by case basis