Jackson Square: Guidelines for Weddings

Booking Jackson Square

Jackson Square is not available for major events due to restricted use policy. To apply to use Jackson Square for a wedding or other small event, see the fees and guidelines below, and fill out the Jackson Square Booking Form.


Wedding Fees
Park Guests Usage Litter/Damage Deposit
Jackson Square 2-25 $250.00 $100.00
Jackson Square 26-100 $500.00 $200.00
Jackson Square 101-200 $750.00 $300.00
Jackson Square 201 and above $1,000.00 $500.00

These fees only apply to the first hour requested , all additional hours will be priced at $125.00 per hour.

Guidelines for Weddings performed in Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a public park and may be used as a backdrop for an intimate exchange of vows with the written permission of the Department of Parks and Parkways. However, the square must remain open to the public.  It is the policy of the Department of Parks and Parkways to issue permits for wedding ceremonies and allow only one wedding in the square at a time. There will be no other permits issued during a wedding ceremony including other wedding permits,  photography or any other event.

  1. No food , drink or receptions are allowed before, during or after the ceremony.  Rice and birdseed are prohibited.
  2. A formal Booking Request Form outlining the date, time, number of guests, chairs, music, runners, podiums and any other affiliated items must be submitted at least two weeks in advance for processing. This form can be found at the link above or by calling the department at 504-658-3200. A non-refundable $50 processing fee must be received before reservations are scheduled. You may also need additional permits; for more information visit the Parks & Shelter Permits page.
  3. Upon receipt of the booking request form, a letter of permission/approval will be sent to the interested party detailing the deadline for fees/deposits and provisions to be met to place the event on the Parkways Event calendar.
  4. A litter/damage deposit will be required by all parties and will be returned if there has been compliance with all the rules have been complied with and all parties involved (including vendors) have vacated the premises on time. All litter including flowers, rose petals, etc. must be removed from park grounds immediately following the ceremony. This will insure the return of the litter/damage deposit provided no damage to the square’s plant materials, fixtures or any other park amenity has occurred.
  5. Second line parades are not allowed in Jackson Square proper (fenced areas).  Second line parades may be allowed in the Jackson Square pedestrian mall if permitted via One Stop Shop In accordance with City Code Article XVI Sections 154-1651 through 1664.
  6. No amplified music will be allowed. A small 3-4 piece ensemble may play only 3 selections during the entire ceremony.
  7. Only the paved portions of the Square may be used. You may set up stanchions and chairs (on paved portions only) no more than one (1) hour before the ceremony and they must be removed immediately after the event. The limit of 100 chairs must be adhered to in order to avoid forfeiture of deposit.
  8. A copy of the permission letter issued by Parks and Parkways must be presented to Parkways staff upon arrival in the square.