Neutral Grounds

We do language differently in New Orleans, and "neutral ground" is one of many such examples. Neutral ground refers to what other cities call the median, and it plays a prominent role in the history, culture, and life of New Orleans. Millions of residents and visitors use the neutral ground every year to watch parades, board streetcars, and more.  Today the Department of Parks and Parkways maintains and protects green spaces of neutral grounds across New Orleans.

No. Parking on the neutral ground is prohibited by City Ordinance Section 154-1031, "Illegal parking upon neutral ground, public playground or pedestrian mall."

City ordinance prohibits the placement of temporary signs on the neutral ground except in the following highly controlled instances:  garage sales, real estate open houses and political signs.  No commercial signs are ever allowed.  The terms of placement and fines are outline in the City of New Orleans Code of Ordinances, Part 2 Article 3, Section 134  sub-sections 121-130.

No. Debris placed on neutral grounds is not only unattractive but also a traffic hazard and is prohibited by City Ordinance.   Debris should be placed curbside for normal collection.  For more information, visit the Sanitation Department.

If you notice anyone dumping on the neutral ground please contact the police immediately through their non-emergency number, (504) 821-2222.

Illegal dumping should be reported to the Department of Sanitation through 311.  You may also advise the Department of Parks and Parkways by phone at (504) 658-3200 or via email at

Neighborhood organizations may apply for permission to erect neighborhood signs.  The neighborhood must bear the cost and responsibility for maintenance of the signs.  Visit the Neighborhood Sign Permit page for full information.