Washington Square

Location: Bounded by Elysian Fields Avenue and Frenchmen Street, Dauphine Street and Royal Street

Size: 2.54 acres

Historic Landmark: Part of the Faubourg Marigny Historic District

Hours: 7 days a week, 8 am-6 pm in the winter, 8 am-7 pm during Daylight Savings

Playgrounds: Yes

Additional Information: Located at 700 Elysian Fields Avenue, the park anchors the area of Frenchmen Street famous for its music venues. Washington Square Park is a favorite neighborhood spot to meet friends, sit in the sun or enjoy the shade of the historic oak trees, walk dogs, and catch the sights and sounds of the Marigny neighborhood. Originally developed as part of the tract of land owned by the Marigny de Mandeville family in the early 1800s, Washington Square Park has been a gathering and meeting place for generations of families. It now periodically hosts special events including annual festivals, art markets, concerts ,and more.

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