Pathway Project

The Pathway Project effort offers assistance to persons formerly incarcerated who may be on or have completed parole mandates and are seeking avenues to reinstate their civil right to vote.  Election personnel clarify and provide information and procedures relative to voter reinstatement, voter registration, and other information.

For further information, contact the Registrar of Voters office at (504)658-8300, and ask for assistance through the Pathway Project.

Reinstatement for Formerly Incarcerated Voters

The registration of a person whose registration has been suspended pursuant to R.S. 18:176(A) shall be reinstated when the person appears in the office of the registrar and provides documentation from the appropriate correction official showing that such person is no longer under an order of imprisonment or, if the person is under such an order, that the person has not been incarcerated pursuant to the order within the last five years and the person is not under an order of imprisonment related to a felony conviction pursuant to election fraud or any other election offense pursuant to R.S. 18:1461.2. 

Documents may be submitted to both City Hall and Algiers Courthouse locations. Please make copies of the required documents. 

Once inside, ask receptionist to contact the Registrar of Voter's office or call 504-658-8300 upon arrival.