Resilience Design Review Committee

In an effort to ensure the achievement of holistic resilience goals across City-led infrastructure projects, and in pursuit of the goal "Integrate resilience-driven decision making across public agencies" from Resilient New Orleans external link, the City of New Orleans has established a Resilience Design Review Committee for regular project review.

The Committee meets monthly to review all construction projects funded under Resilience Programs and/or those that have stormwater management and green infrastructure components.

For information about specific meetings or presentations to the Design Review Committee, click HERE.

Committee Members

  • Chairman: Director of Place-based Planning, or authorized designee
  • Vice Chairman: Executive Director of City Planning Commission, or authorized designee
  • Director of Capital Projects Administration
  • Deputy General Superintendent/Construction, Sewerage and Water Board, or authorized designee
  • Deputy Director Logistics, Sewerage and Water Board, or authorized designee
  • Landscape Architect, Department of Parks and Parkways, or authorized designee

Role of the Committee
(per CAO Policy Memorandum)

The Resilience Project Design Committee shall review and advise the Chief Resilience Officer regarding proposed resilience projects at stages early enough to effect efficacious design and long-range planning objectives according to the following criteria:

  1. Location, character and extent
  2. Best maintenance/quality material for resilience performance criteria
  3. Best maintenance design for resilience performance criteria
  4. Energy conservation in design & maintenance
  5. Context-sensitive expression in design

Committee Procedures

  1. All construction projects accomplished under the procedures of this policy memorandum funded under federal, state or local Resilience Programs shall be reviewed by the Resilience Project Design Committee.
  2. The Resilience Project Design Committee shall convene to discuss each project at its inception to comment on scope, including but not limited to, the location, character and extent of the project.
  3. After the establishment of the project scope, the Resilience Project Design Committee shall view projects at the following phases:
    • Schematic Design- 30%
    • Design Development – 60%
    • Construction Documents – 90%
  4. The Resilience Project Design Committee may determine that a site visit is necessary; in such instance, the project manager shall coordinate a time to allow a quorum of the Resilience Project Design Committee members to visit the site or a representative of Resilience Project Design Committee appointed by the Committee.  The project manager shall provide documents to the Resilience Project Design Committee appropriate to the phase of review at the time of the site visit.
    • The Resilience Project Design Committee shall meet regularly to receive presentations and to discuss and formulate design comments.
    • A copy of the review documents for each project will be presented by the City Department or Agency project manager and/or designer/engineer for group review and comment.
    • Design documents will be transmitted to Committee members for review 10 business days prior to the scheduled meeting. The presentation will be transmitted to the Committee 3 business days prior to the meeting.
    • A written record of Committee comments will be made, and copies distributed to all Resilience Project Design Committee members, as well as the applicable project manager, as the official recommendations of the Committee.
    • Committee meetings will be open to the general public in accordance with the Louisiana Open Meetings Law. The public will be able to submit any comments via written submission. The Committee will provide written response to public comments.