Moving New Orleans Bikes is an effort to improve safety, access, and connectivity for people riding bicycles. Along with transit, walking, and driving, bicycling is an important transportation option that provides numerous benefits to individuals, families, and our city - even for people who never ride! A better bicycle network will provide job access, health benefits, reduce demand for parking, and improve the quality of life.

The City embarked on a city-wide bike planning effort to create a safer and more connected citywide bikeway network that allows people on bikes to get to where they’re going safer and easier.  The process kicked-off in April 2019 with a series of public input meetings about the existing network. A second series of meetings in August 2019 presented the public input from April and introduce the draft bikeway network map. Through careful planning and public input, this 4-month process built on recent progress to create a vision for the City’s network of connected, protected, and low-stress bikeways, including many miles of bikeways that will be slated for rapid design and buildout.

With the Citywide Bikeway Blueprint complete, the "rapid-build" implementation stage of the project has kicked off.  As of December 2020, construction is underway in Algiers, the French Quarter, and the Marigny.  Construction is expected to begin on additional corridors in these areas, as well as the 7th Ward, Central Business District, Central City, the Lower Garden District, Mid-City, and St. Roch in 2021.  Future conceptual design and pre-construction public engagement meetings for these corridors and more will be scheduled throughout the year.

To achieve these goals will require strong community engagement from all road users - whether you ride your bike every day or haven’t gotten on one in decades, we want you to be involved! Good bike infrastructure can help solve the mobility challenges we all share. 

New Orleans Bikeway Blueprint

The Moving New Orleans Bikes planning effort culminated in the New Orleans Bikeway Blueprint map and was released to the public September 10, 2020. The City remains committed to the guiding principles of an equitable, low-stress, connected, useful and timely bicycling network that is targeted to connect all our neighborhoods, and especially those with equity priorities.

View Bikeway Blueprint map (Interactive)

View Bikeway Blueprint map (PDF)

View the Executive Summary

Have questions about the City's bike infrastructure?  Visit DPW's Bicycling page for more information on the different types of bikeways.

Community Engagement Meetings

The planning and implementation phases of Moving New Orleans Bikes have involved extensive public engagement, through public meetings, online tools, and most recently virtual meetings as part of the City's response to Covid-19.  Details of all meetings, including meeting presentations, since the Spring 2019 kick-off of Moving New Orleans Bikes are archived to allow residents to review the content even if they were unable to participate in the original meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we've engaged with residents through conceptual design and pre-construction meetings, we've compiled a number of frequently asked questions regarding these projects.


As corridor designs concepts are developed, project factsheets will be shared with community members via multiple outlets.

Project Updates

Construction is underway on the Moving New Orleans Bikes projects in several neighborhoods, with improvements intended to promote a complete streets approach that meets the needs of all users, regardless of their mode of travel.  Updates on project status along these corridors will be provided on a regular basis