Register as a Supplier

We've provided a handy PDF for the following steps.

Download the How to Register as a Supplier pdf

  1. Get started

    1. Go to the BRASS Supplier Portal
    2. Read the For first-time users instructions, then click Register as a Supplier.
  2. Complete the Registration Form

    1. You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk.
    2. Select a Tax ID Type and enter your Tax ID.
    3. Enter a Mailing address.
    4. Read the Terms and Conditions then check the Accept Terms and Conditions box.
    5. Click Next when done.
  3. Complete the Bank Information Form

    1. Click the Search button to lookup and select your bank.
    2. This information allows us to pay you electronically. It is safer and faster than paper checks!
    3. Leave the Bank Information For Location section blank.
    4. Click Next when done.
  4. Select Diversity Codes

    1. If your business is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), create a record and document your certification.
    2. Click the Create button. Then, complete the appropriate information when prompted.
    3. Click Next when done.
  5. Complete the Questions Tab

    1. If you are a 1099 supplier/vendor, select Yes in the Answer field, then click the folder in the Attach Document field to add your W-9.
    2. If you are a Certified DBE, select Yes in the Answer field, then click the folder in the Attach Document field to add your DBE certificate.
    3. Click Next when done.
  6. Select Commodity Codes

    1. The Available Commodity Codes form will display. 
    2. Do not click Next until after you have selected and attached your commodity codes.
    3. Enter a partial description in the Commodity Search field, then click Search.
    4. Select commodity codes by clicking the box.
    5. Click Attach to add the selected codes to your profile.
    6. Click Close when you’re done.
    7. You can repeat the Search, Select, and Attach process as many times as necessary to choose appropriate commodity codes.
    8. Review the commodity codes you selected.
    9. Click Select Commodity Codes again, if you need to add more codes.
    10. Otherwise, click Next.
  7. Select a Proxy

    1. Proxies are one or more individuals that you designate to interact with the City of New Orleans on your behalf.
    2. You can choose whether your proxy(s) receive notification of bidding events.
    3. Click the Create button to add one or more proxies to your contact record.
    4. DO NOT click the Next button until you are done adding proxies to your record.
    5. The system will display a blue row with a blue star after you click Create.
    6. Click on the blue row beneath First Name to add your proxy’s first name, then hit your Tab key to go to the Last Name field.
    7. Enter your proxy’s last name in the blue area below Last Name, then tab to the next field.
    8. Enter your proxy’s email address, then tab to the next field.
    9. If you want your proxy to receive notifications, click the drop down and select Yes. Otherwise leave No in the Receive Notifications field
    10. Click Save (next to Create) to save your proxy to your record.
    11. Click Next when done.
  8. Registration Completed!

    1. The system will display your supplier number and a congratulatory message on the Status page.
    2. Click My Account, if you wish to review your account information.
    3. If you want to log out, click your name in the top right corner, then click Sign Out.
    4. At this point, your registration is complete. But you’ll need to choose security questions and answer(s) to set up your password recovery process.
    5. This step will occur the next time you log into your account. Click the Sign in or Register button to access your account.
  9. Choose Security Questions for Password Recovery

    1. You must answer at least one security question. Your answers will be required when you perform password resets.
    2. You may wish to answer all four security questions. If you answer all four, you will need to provide all four answers to reset your password.
    3. To save your responses, Click Actions, then click Save.
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