Our Enforcement Team includes administrative and supervisory staff, Code Enforcement Inspectors, and adjudicative staff. We are all Orleans Parish residents, representing a rich mix of neighborhoods, backgrounds, skills and personalities, and we are all proud to serve the citizens of our City. Our team is committed to the goals of helping individuals navigate the business of STR, and ensuring that every STR in the City is operated legally, safely, and responsibly.

Our Code Enforcement Inspectors perform consultations, permit reviews, and inspections during the application phase of STR licensing, if necessary. Having an interior inspection performed by the STR Office or Zoning Department is intended to be a helpful process. An on-site inspection allows property owners to discuss site-specific issues with an inspector on the spot, and allows inspectors to confirm certain property facts and correct Department records if necessary.

STR Inspectors are also individually assigned to all STR violation cases. The same inspector will follow a property through the entire violation process to provide a consistent authority for property owners and neighbors. The STR Inspector assigned to a case is the best point of contact for information about that case, including violation and abatement confirmations. STR Inspectors’ names and contact information will be on every document sent or posted regarding the case to which they are assigned.

The STR Office is also administered and supported by the in-house staff of the OneStop. Many of our staff are inter-departmental, meaning they work with, and have knowledge of, many areas covered by the OneStop. The OneStop includes an intake service, where permit analysts provide information and accept applications, and department desks, where specialized inspectors are available for consultation. Departmental supervisors and chiefs are available by appointment. To mitigate wait times, we encourage requesting an appointment through the OneStop or the desired department.