Financing Green Infrastructure

Thus far, this webpage has alluded to projects funded by federal grants, such as NDRC or HMGP, but how else can a city fund green infrastructure projects and construction within it? The Trust for Public Land (TPL) assisted the City by taking a deep dive exploring answers to this very question. 

Their investigation revealed that a variety of funding options exist: issuing a general obligation fund, increasing the mill levy, increasing the hotel/motel tax, and/or increasing the sales tax.


Read the Green Infrastructure Finance Feasibility Study (2023)


In addition to conducting this study, TPL documented the numerous, overlapping environmental and social, or "eco-social", benefits of green infrastructure. We link to this report and its finding in the department home page, but if you'd like another access point to read it, please use click the button below. 

Read the Eco-Social and Economic Benefits of Parks and Green Infrastructure in New Orleans Report (2023)