HMGP Stormwater Projects

Hazard Mitigation

The purpose of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) is to help communities by implementing mitigation measures in accordance with the Presidential Major Disaster Declaration, to reduce the risk of loss of life and property from future disasters.

When implemented, HMGP projects provide a variety of benefits, to include but not limited to:

  • Improved environmental resilience
  • Lessened impact from future events
  • Avoidance of repetitive damage from natural disasters
  • Reduction of community risk in the National Flood Insurance Program

Cost Share Requirements

FEMA provides up to 75 percent of the funds for mitigation projects. The remaining 25 percent can come from a variety of sources. A cash payment from the state, local government or in some cases directly from the individual is the most direct option. Other sources may include donated resources, such as construction labor; Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) funds from a flood insurance policy; or loans from other government agencies, such as the Small Business Administration.

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Projects currently under construction

The Oak Park project adds underground storage  of half a million gallons of stormwater to five vacant lots in the St. Anthony neighborhood and adds green infrastructure improvements to Perlita Street. 

The St. Roch Drainage Improvements project combines bioswales, permeable parking lanes, intersection rain gardens, and drainage structure upgrades to store more than 600,000 gallons of stormwater and address repetitive flooding in the St. Roch neighborhood. 

Post Design / Pre-Construction

The City received the final funding and environmental clearance approval for the HMGP portion of the Mirabeau Water Garden project, which will store up to 10 million gallons of storm water on the 25-acre site. Phase I construction is anticipated to begin Fall 2023.

The City recently received the final design submittal for the Broadmoor DPS 01 project which includes nine New Orleans neighborhoods and will store up to 13 million gallons of storm water.

Completed Projects

The Pontilly Neighborhood Stormwater Network project includes bio swales, rain gardens, pervious surfacing and more.  The project stores up to 8.9 million gallons of storm water and can reduce flooding as much as 14 inches during a 10-year rain event.

The Hagan Lafitte project constructed underground storage tanks beneath Easton Park,  and added pipe upgrades and rain gardens to store up to 1.3 million gallons of storm water.

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