St. Roch Drainage Improvements

Targeting Chronic Flooding in St. Roch Neighborhood

New Orleans' St. Roch community suffers frequent flooding stemming from inadequate stormwater infrastructure struggling to handle even small rain events. To address this, the St. Roch Resilience Project focuses on a 26-block area between North Robertson and St. Claude Avenues from Franklin Avenue west to Elysian Fields Avenue.

Residents across St. Roch contend with swollen storm drains, impassable pooled streets, swamped vehicles and flood-damaged homes anytime storms strike – resulting in economic hardship and quality of life impacts simply from moderate precipitation. By pursuing integrated green and gray infrastructure enhancements within the target sub-basin, the project can develop replicable climate adaptation models benefiting St. Roch while serving as prototypes defending a city losing natural drainage efficiencies due to ecology shifts and subsidence.

Let's reconnect the community's namesake to solutions sustaining families in this historied neighborhood for generations more.


Flooding has damaged numerous homes and businesses within the neighborhood, and ponded water on streets often impacts traffic and requires re-routing. The storm drain system is undersized; approximately half of the streets within the project area have little or no existing drainage infrastructure. The standard approach to fixing urban drainage problems--installing more drainage structure pipes adequately sized to convey stormflows--will not work in St. Roch, as there is nowhere for the water to go during storms.



For the neighborhood of St. Roch, the project represents the opportunity to realize renewed and transformative streets with underground stormwater detention and “at the surface” green infrastructure which will greatly improve streetscape aesthetics and the quality of life in the neighborhood.






























For more information, click the link below to view the current project fact sheet:


Click the link below to view the presentation, from the St. Roch Community Association meeting on 04/27/2017:


Click the link below to view the presentation from the St. Roch Community Association meeting on 11/02/2017:



For more information on the St. Roch Drainage Improvements & Green Infrastructure project, please contact:

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