Current and Past Tax Payments

Paying taxes online, by phone, in-person or via mail

For detailed instructions on paying your taxes online, by phone, by mail, or in-person, please see the following

Pay Property Tax

Payment history

Property owners in need of a property tax payment history should email the request to  Payment histories are not provided to tax servicers, mortgage companies, title companies, abstractors, banks, or those entities performing similar services.

Payment plans

The City of New Orleans Bureau of Treasury does not offer a formal installment plan for the payment of property taxes.  Taxpayers may, however, remit partial payments in person or via postal mail.  Note: Partial payments are not allowed when paying online. Any remaining balance is subject to interest at a rate of 1% per month and other fees.

Delinquent taxes

The City of New Orleans Bureau of Treasury does not send delinquent notices.  The City of New Orleans sends tax bills via the USPS and is not responsible for mail delivery. We will not waive interest for non-receipt of a bill.  Taxpayers who do not receive a bill in the mail can contact the Bureau of Treasury in person, via phone, via email to request a copy, or do an online search at FINDYOURTAXBILL

Payments Under Protest (PUP)

Taxpayers who wish to remit Payment Under Protest must:

  • Submit a letter stating why you would like your funds held in protest. Your letter MUST include the disputed amount of taxes due and the amount that is not in dispute.
  • Include your tax bill(s) and/or tax bill number(s)
  • Include your Louisiana Tax Commission appeal number or Restoration Tax Abatement contract number so that we can track your appeal and/or contract, if applicable
  • Submit TWO (2) separate checks or money orders, both made out to the City of New Orleans; one check for the disputed amount of taxes due which will be held in protest and a second check for the amount that is not in dispute and not subject to protest.

Counter checks are not accepted for Payments Under Protest.  All checks must have the routing number and account number printed on the bottom of the check by the financial institution the check originated from.

Payments made under protest must be remitted to the Bureau of Treasury in person at City Hall.  Payments submitted through our online portal cannot be designated as protest payments.  Payments mailed to our P.O. Box will be processed as normal payments and will not be considered paid under protest.

Click here to view LA RS 47:2134, which is the State law governing taxes paid under protest.

Click here to access the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office Tax Estimator.

For more information, contact the Protest Unit at (504) 658 -1719, (504) 658 -1701 or