Protect, preserve, and maintain the historic French Quarter

The Vieux Carré Commission (VCC) protects, preserves, and maintains the distinct architectural, historic character, and zoning integrity of the Vieux Carré as mandated by the Louisiana State Constitution, the City Charter, the City Code and the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. This includes:

  • regulating all repairs, alterations and construction that affect any building element exposed to outside air (whether visible from the street or not) of any building situated on private property in the French Quarter. This includes carriageways, alleyway, rear buildings, etc.
  • charging owners with violations of the City’s regulations to seek the correction of such infractions.

To avoid unnecessary expenses the VCC highly recommends not purchasing building materials, millwork, lighting, security cameras, signage, etc. until the applicant is physically in possession of a signed VCC permit. VCC permits are not valid until physically picked up and signed for in the VCC office.

The VCC oversees the area bounded by Iberville St., N. Rampart St., Esplanade Ave., and the Mississippi River. The staff divides applications and violations according to the below map:

Vieux Carré Commission

(504) 658-1420
1300 Perdido St 7th Floor New Orleans, LA 70112



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Vieux Carré Commission

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