Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division is composed of specialized units including the Violent Offender Warrant Squad, Tactical Platoons 1&2, the Bomb Disposal Unit, Armory Unit, Search and Rescue/Marine Unit, Extradition Unit, K-9 Unit, Traffic Fatality Unit, and DWI Unit.

Violent Offender Warrant Squad

The Violent Offender Warrant Squad apprehends suspects with outstanding warrants. This unit works in conjunction with Crimestoppers and the United States Marshals Office Fugitive Task Force.

Tactical Platoons 1 & 2

These two units function as the NOPD's primary S.W.A.T. teams. When not serving high-risk warrants for crimes ranging from terrorism to murder/narcotics, they are assigned to the high crime areas of the city on proactive patrol.

Bomb Disposal Unit

The Bomb Disposal Unit identifies suspect explosive packages or IEDs and renders them safe. All members of this accredited unit are graduates of the FBI Hazardous Devices School. The Unit also is responsible for searching and rendering areas safe in advance of VIP visits to Orleans Parish and surrounding areas.

Armory Unit

Responsible for the safekeeping of all NOPD weapons, chemical munitions and for providing specialized training for S.W.A.T. officers and district officers. The Unit is also responsible for testing and evaluating new technology.

Search and Rescue/Marine Unit

The Search and Rescue/Marine Unit maintains NOPD's fleet of 35 boats, for search, rescue and recovery of individuals lost in any body of water located in Orleans Parish, and works in conjunction with the Coast Guard in the maritime law enforcement environment.

Extradition Unit

The Extradition Unit Transports fugitives wanted in Orleans Parish from other jurisdictions.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit assists in the apprehension of wanted suspects, narcotics detection, and explosive detection.

Traffic Fatality Unit

The Traffic Fatality Unit undergoes technical investigation of motor vehicle accidents that result in death or great bodily injury.


The DWI Unit apprehends motorists suspected of DWI, and performs the associated test to confirm or deny the DWI suspicion.