Management Services Bureau

The Management Services Bureau (MSB) provides NOPD administrative and support services, ranging from budget preparation and monitoring departmental budgets, to preservation and dissemination of criminal records, human resources, recruitment, education and training, grants management, and facility and fleet support services.


View a full flowchart of the Management Services Bureau here. The major divisions within the Bureau are as follows:

Budget Division

Budget Division consists of the Fiscal Section which provides fiscal planning and management through effective monitoring of the departments budget, Grant Section which is responsible for obtaining funding through grants, and the Special Project Section which provides in-house graphics.

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division consists of Employee Relations Section which is responsible for hiring, promotions, resignations, retirements, and suspensions in accordance with Civil Service. The Payroll Section is responsible for the disbursements of payroll and recordkeeping. The Personnel Section maintains all personnel files, new hires, promotions, transfers, retirements, etc. Employee Relations Section provides assistance to departmental personnel relative to benefits.

Education and Training Division

Education and Training Division consists of Recruit/Reserve training which is responsible for training all recruits and reserve officers. The Field Training Section is responsible for the coordination of the Field Training Program which is required by every recruit upon completion of the academy. The In Service Training and Professional Development Section is responsible for all in service training. The Firearms and Driving Section is responsible for providing P.O.S.T. firearms training and qualifications for all recruits and in-service personnel. including pursuit driving and accident avoidance training.

Recruitment and Applicant Investigation Division

Recruitment and Applicant Investigation Division performs background checks, computerized stress analysis on all applicants for the position of police recruit. 

Records and Identifications Division

Records and Identifications Division consists of the following:

  • Public Record Section that maintains documentation of police reports, retrieves and provides copies of police reports to police and the public upon request
  • Criminal Records Section consists of Automatic Fingerprint Identification System which identifies all fingerprints submitted to Criminal Records
  • Latent Print Unit which is responsible for identifying prints lifted from crime scenes and fingerprints of deceased subjects. The Latent Print Examiner provides expert court testimony when required
  • Expungment Unit is responsible for processing all legal court ordered expungement involving adult arrests made in Orleans Parish
  • Subpoena Unit processes all Subpoenas, Subpoenas Deuces Tecum, Court Orders, and any other requests for the production of records not normally processed by the Public Record Room Section.



Support Services Division

Support Services Division consists of

  • Property Management/Carpenter Shop Section which responds to requests for repairs, to secure buildings when owners cannot be located, minor repairs at police facilities, and to provide barricades
  • Mail Room coordinates the receipt, delivery, and postage requirements of departmental mail and is responsible for regulating the controlled access to the Police Headquarters Complex\
  • Printing and Supply Section purchases, tracks, and issues office and janitorial supplies and is responsible for the printing of forms utilized by the department
  • Fleet and Equipment Services Section is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance new of the department’s fleet including inspection, brake tags, toll tags, inventory, documentation of the fleets’ status. This Section acts as liaison for the department with EMD regarding repairs, accidents, deletion of vehicles, and fuel
  • Risk Management/Accident Review assists the department by initiating an accident reduction program geared to the prevention of police officer injury and maintenance of departmental vehicles. The Accident Review Board is administered by this program. This section also coordinates service and repairs of Department vehicles with the City’s centralized Equipment Maintenance Division.

Administrative Duties Division

Administrative Duties Division (ADD) is responsible for employees who are out limited duty, extended sick, worker’s comp, injured on duty, and military duty. ADD also works closely with CCMSI regarding claims.