Records and Identification Division

The Records and Identifications Division consists of the:

  • Public Record Section that maintains documentation of police reports, retrieves and provides copies of police reports to police and the public upon request
  • Criminal Records Section consists of Automatic Fingerprint Identification System which identifies all fingerprints submitted to Criminal Records
  • Special Officers Section provides restricted commissions to those who qualify.
  • Latent Print Unit which is responsible for identifying prints lifted from crime scenes and fingerprints of deceased subjects. The Latent Print Examiner provides expert court testimony when required
  • Expungment Unit is responsible for processing all legal court ordered expungement involving adult arrests made in Orleans Parish. 
  • Subpoena Unit processes all Subpoenas, Subpoenas Deuces Tecum, Court Orders, and any other requests for the production of records not normally processed by the Public Record Room Section.