Event Barricade Requests

Fill out the form below to request NOPD Barricades. Any event request for a barricade must have approved Special Events Permits

All barricade requests must be made at least 10 days in advance of the day the barricades are needed to be considered.

Terms of Agreement

  1. Someone representing the requestor must be present at the delivery site at the time of delivery
  2. All barricades must be returned to the delivery location prior to the scheduled pick up date.
  3. All the delivered barricades must be accounted for prior to the pick up date
  4. Damaged or lost barricades will have to be replaced or repaired at the expense of the party requesting barricades for the event
  5. Any repairs or replacement of the barricades will conform to the specifications of the NOPD barricades

Event Barricade Request Form

If approved, an NOPD representative will contact you with a Barricade Use Agreement form to be filled out and returned to NOPD prior to the event.

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Metal Barricades or Plastic?: