Subpoena Requests

Any citizen wishing to request a subpoena may do so through the Criminal Records Section of NOPD. All subpoenas are processed in the order received.

Request a Subpoena

All requests for subpoenas should be made out to NOPD Custodian of Records, and mailed to

Management Services Bureau
715 South Broad St
New Orleans, LA 70119

Do not send subpoena requests to Crime Lab, Communications, and/or Evidence and Property Divisions. Requests sent to erroneous or multiple departments will have to be rerouted and will be put delays for the requestor.  NOPD does not transcribe tapes of any kind.

Requests should be filled within 30 days. To ensure faster return, please note the following:

  • NOPD issues each request a “Record Room Number” to prevent confusion and delays. A Subpoena Unit member will send a confirmation letter or email with the Record Room Number. Once a request has a Record Room Number, all subsequent correspondence pertaining to that request requires the Record Room Number.
  • Do not ask for, “any and all information regarding item # …or John Doe.” This is too broad a request and creates considerable time delays. When asking for documentation, specific information is needed to complete requests.

Many Public Record Requests / Subpoenas or Civil Court Subpoenas require consultation with the District Attorney or City Attorney’s Office. This may cause an additional delay of several weeks.