NOPD Policy Manual

The following policy manual includes all current NOPD policies. The manual will be updated periodically as new policies are implemented

NOPD Policy: New Chapters

The following chapters have been approved by the Department of Justice and the Office of the Consent Decree Monitor. Click here for information about the NOPD Consent Decree.

NOPD Rules

Complete NOPD Policy Manual

A copy of the complete NOPD policy manual in a searchable PDF format may be found here: Complete NOPD Policy Manual (As of 9-24-2023)

Policies for Public Review

The NOPD welcomes Public comment on current and draft policies.  Find a list of policies up for review on a monthly basis here: Annual Policy Review Schedule

Current Draft Policies for public review:

Please email any comments or concerns to policyandplanning@nola.gov