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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

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Mardi Gras Safety Tips

February 15, 2014
  • First secure your home by locking up and keeping a light on. Get a timer or two and connect it to a lamp, television set or radio to make it appear as if someone is moving around in the home turning lights and electronics on and off.
  • Notify a responsible neighbor to monitor your house while you are away.
  • Prepare children for the parade by making them use the restroom.
  • Put your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper and put it in your child’s sock.
  • Teach your child how to identify the police if lost.


  • Do not block a resident’s driveway.
  • Do not double park.
  • Do not park on the neutral ground.
  • Do not block an intersection.
  • Pay attention to signage on the parade route.

Attending the Parade

  • Do not jump over the police barricades. Ask an Officer for permission to cross from one side of the street to the other. The barricades are there for protection.
  • Do not bring a big purse to the parade. Put your personal items in your front pockets. Men should carry their wallets in their front pockets.
  • Stand a distance from the floats.
  • Do not run alongside of the floats.
  • Do not follow the bands.
  • Do not throw beads at the riders on the float.
  • Do not put someone on your shoulders if you or that person is intoxicated. Stay away from the street or curb.
  • Ladders should be as far back from the curb as they are tall. Secure the ladder to the ground. Do not place ladders in the intersection.

Lost children

  • If you get separated from your child, notify the police immediately. There will be several “lost children sites” on the parade route. Provide the Police Officer with the child’s name and a good physical description.

Medical Problems

  • You should carry with you any pertinent medical information regarding your health. This will help the paramedics tremendously in analyzing your medical condition should you get sick on the parade route.

French Quarter Rules

  • Do not urinate in public.
  • Do not flash your breast in public.
  • Do not drop your pants in public.
  • Do not drink from an open glass or metal container in public.


Important phone numbers

New Orleans Police Department Non-emergency number – (504) 821-222

New Orleans Police Department Emergency number – 911

Orleans Parish Sheriff Office Automated Interactive Voice Response Inquiry System - (504) 827-6777

Parking Division-Auto Pound Address: 400 N Claiborne Ave. Phone: (504) 565-7450



Thank you,

Sergeant L. J. Smith

New Orleans Police Department

Commander, Crime Prevention Unit

715 S. Broad Avenue, Office # A- 412

New Orleans, LA 70119

(504) 658-5590 – Office Phone - Email


For Police Service

(504) 822-1111 – Crime Stoppers

(504) 821-2222 - Non-Emergency

911 – Emergency

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