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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu


Renovation (Non-Structural) Permit

Building/Construction, Mardi Gras
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A Non-Structural Renovation permit is required for any construction or changes of use within an existing building (interior or exterior). If you are not making structural changes, your permit application will be reviewed by a permit analyst and the permit may be issued the same day. This review verifies that the proposed work complies with the City’s zoning ordinance and evaluates the scope of work to be performed. However, if the Department determines that complete plans are required for your job, the plans are sent through a plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the  City's amendments to the International Building Code and the City’s zoning ordinance. You can look up your zoning here. Depending on the specifics of your project, this review may also include or require approvals from other agencies (Historic Districts Landmark Commission, Vieux Carre Commission, City Planning, etc.). A building permit will only be issued after the plan review process is completed and compliance with all applicable regulations is verified.

Duration: Same day in some situations, when review is required: Residential projects, 2-5 days; Commercial projects, 20-30 days.

Flood Repair Permits

Due to recent flooding situations, we are expecting a higher than normal filings for non-structural renovation permits. We want to make sure you come to our prepared with all of the documents that you need to obtain your permit in a single visit. 

If your building did not experience structural damage, but you still need to repair portions like floors, drywall, cabinetry, and electrical outlets, please click here to learn about the 4 things you will need to get your permit.

NOTE: Permits directly related to flood damage resulting from the August 5, 2017 flood event will have all associated permitting fees waived.


  • $60 plus $5 per $1,000 of work to be performed 
  • If plans are required there is a plan review fee of $1 per $1,000 of work to be performed 
  • If a property is within a local historic district (property subject to additional regulations by VCC or HDLC), there is a 50% surcharge on the permit fee

Required documents/steps

  • Fill out and submit the BUILDING_PERMIT_MASTER_APPLICATION or begin online here
  • Recorded Act of Sale, if the property has recently changed ownership
  • Plot plan reflecting all dimensions of the lot and all structures, setbacks to property lines and the location and dimensions of off-street parking spaces
  • Previous/current and proposed use of the structure 
  • Number of floors or levels in the structure  
  • Contractor’s license information. (If the project is owner-occupied residential, State Exemption Form R-1364 may be submitted in lieu of contractor license information.)
  • Plans are generally required for all commercial projects, depending on the scope of work to be performed. This is determined by the Chief Plan Examiner based upon the requirements of the New Orleans Building Code and the Life Safety Code 
  • If plans are required, then: one set of complete digital plans, stamped with digital seals from a Louisiana licensed architect or civil engineer. Please see our Standards for Digital Submission

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