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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Help with One Stop App

Mechanical and Electrical

Where are the mechanical/electrical permits?

Only Class A license holders are permitted to file mechanical or electrical permits. In order to protect your license from unauthorized use, we require all Class A license holders who would like to file online to come to the One Stop Shop in person with photo ID to verify their accounts.

If you've already registered for the One Stop App, make sure you know the email address you used to register with. In most cases, we can link your license(s) to your web account the same day.

If you come in before you've registered for the One Stop App, make sure you know what email address you plan to register with. After registering, you must notify us at, and we will complete the process of linking your license(s) with your new web account.

I had access to mechanical/electrical permits, but now I don't.

Your license must be current and valid to be able to use the mechanical and electrical permit types. If your license expires, you will lose access until you have renewed it. Once your renewal is issued, you don't have to do anything more to regain access to your permit types.

It's not possible to renew your license online, but you can find the renewal forms and requirements at the following links:

If you believe your license status is in error, please call (504) 658-7100 and select the appropriate division.

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Last updated: 10/27/2017 11:13:07 AM

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