About OPSE

In May 2012, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced a major step forward in his efforts to reform the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) by creating the Office of Police Secondary Employment (OPSE). This independent organization manages secondary employment for police officers and is a key part of the federal consent decree used to guide systemic reform of the NOPD. The OPSE centralizes oversight and shifts responsibility for all aspects of police secondary employment from the individual officer to the city-managed office. This frees officers of any administrative burden and allows the police department to focus on preventing, fighting, and investigating crime in our city while maintaining an important supplementary service for businesses and civic organizations and preserving additional earning potential for our officers.

Contact Us

Director Brian Boyle Phone: (504) 658-8741

Deputy Director Fabian D. Barbarin Phone: (504) 658-8745

Assistant Business Manager Dantrell Ford Phone: (504) 658-8754

Business Analyst Frederick Gisler Phone: (504) 658-8756

Operations Manager Naimah Abdul-Rahmaan Phone: (504) 658-8750 

Coordinator Derrick Mullins Phone: (504) 658-8751

Coordinator Brian Luppens Phone: (504) 658-8779

Coordinator Nikki Payton-James Phone: (504) 658-8764

Coordinator Andriana Smith Phone: (504) 658-8743

Coordinator Kalandra Valentine Phone: (504) 658-8753