OPSE Consent Decree Survey

For some time, we have recognized that while detail customers are generally well-meaning, they can sometimes ask you to do things that put you in a difficult situation. For example, maybe they’ve asked that you do something that’s not related to your security duties. We want to ensure that customers are never putting you in a position where you have to decide between executing your duties as a police officer versus providing quality service to the customer.

By answering the survey below, it will help us understand if customers are asking you to act inappropriately. This will help us educate customers on what is appropriate for them to expect from you while on detail. And if there is ever a situation where you are troubled by a customer’s request, please let us know so we can address it with the customer and help protect you from a bad situation.

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Has a customer ever asked you to act illegally or have you ever been pressured to act unethically on a detail?*:

(Do not give the name of the customer.)