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The City of New Orleans

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu

Coming Home & Re-Entry Placards

After a mandatory evacuation, New Orleans will allow residents back into the City only when it is safe to return. Do not attempt to return until this time. 


Just as the City has a plan to evacute the city, it has a plan to re-enter. New Orleans uses a tiered plan for re-entering the city after the Mayor issues a mandatory evacuation. Tiered re-entry means residents and business come back at different times, allowing all essential services that residents would need, such as power, food supply, etc., to get back and up and running.

There are three tiers of re-entry. Businesses must register for a re-entry placard  bi-yearly to be assigned to a tier that re-enters before residents. Businesses will receive a Tier level and a certain number of placards for the vehicles needed to re-enter the city. These placards dictate when the business can re-enter the City.

Residents do not need a placard to re-enter the City. 

For questions about placards, including re-setting and passwords, or to make an appointment to pick up placards, please contact Carlos Muniz at (504) 658-8714.

Safety & Assistance Post-Return

Dial 311 or visit to find information about health and human services available, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical information, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Who is eligible for re-entry placards?

A : Any business or agency that provides critical services to government and public agencies, businesses essential to the recovery of the City, and essential retail employees.

Q : How is placarding broken down?

A : Placards are broken into tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.

Q : What is a Tier 1 placard? (Response Support)

A : Businesses and agencies qualifying for Tier 1 credentials are those that provide critical services to government and public agencies that are in direct support of response efforts. These include:

  • Primary critical infrastructure and major utility companies and their pre-designated subcontractors;
  • Pre-designated government contractors (and their sub-contractors);
  • Pre-designated damage recovery assessment teams from businesses that are deemed critical or of national importance; and
  • Core damage assessment teams of major employers (more than 100 employees).

Examples: Debris removal companies, ice and other commodities delivery institutions, and lodging agencies supporting first responders (must have pre-existing contracts) and engineers and damage assessment teams for hotels and motels. These Companies must have active valid contracts with the City or Public Agency Supported.

Q: What is a Tier 2 placard? (Recovery Support)

A : Eligible businesses and agencies eligible for Tier 2 level access will include those core assessment teams of large employers (more than 50 employees) or business deemed to be essential for the future return of economic vitality of the Parish. Examples would include:

  • Insurance companies, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, security companies, and administrative and payroll employees. All entities and personnel granted access under Tier 2 must be self-sustainable and prepared to abide by all movement and curfew restrictions in effect.

Q : What is a Tier 3 placard? (Repopulation Support)

A : When the Parish has been determined to have sustainable living conditions, essential retail businesses and their employees deemed to be required for the future return of residents and the economic vitality of the Parish will be allowed to return. Examples would include:

  • Neighborhood grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, and fast food outlets.

All entities and personnel granted access under Tier 3 must be prepared to abide by all movement and curfew restrictions that remain in effect. General population will be allowed to return after all tiers.

Q : I work for an employer who qualifies. How do I get my placard?

A : It is the responsibility of the parent or lead organization to acquire re-entry placards for all their subcontractors. The parent or lead organization is ultimately responsible for the tracking and use of placards issued to them.

Q : I work for a security company that provides security for a qualified recipient a re-entry placard. Do I need to have my own placard?

A : Upon application by a business or agency for which they are contracted, private licensed security personnel may be granted Tier 1 or Tier 2 placards if they are part of a security element for a business that meets Tier 1 or Tier 2 criteria. The requesting business or agency must request sufficient number of placards to issue to security personnel and must ensure that these personnel be properly identified as an authorized holder of the placard for that business or agency. There is no blanket access for security personnel. All other security personnel will be granted access based on their parent security company’s credentials.


Some businesses or agencies may be so large and require so many placards that issuance by the NOHSEP would not be practical. In the event an organization feels they should be allowed to self-placard, they will submit a request to the Director of NOHSEP in writing. The request should contain the name of the organization, complete justification, the number of placards that will be issued, and a sample of the placard will be issued. Once a decision is reached regarding authorization, the design of the placard cannot change.

Personnel using the re-entry credentials in an unauthorized manner will have the placard confiscated, escorted out of the parish, and the business notified. Unauthorized use may result in the revocation of all re-entry credentials for that business or agency. Examples of all placards, to include any from self-placarded organizations will be provided to law enforcement personnel by NOHSEP to ensure no unauthorized re-entry is attempted.

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