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Procedures for Medicare Enrollment for City Retirees 65-years-old and older

In accordance with the City of New Orleans Healthcare Plan, once a retiree reaches 65 years of age and becomes eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, you will be transitioned to a Medicare Supplement Plan.  The City endorses the AARP/United Healthcare Supplement Plans and Medicare Part D Plans on your behalf and will provide your relevant information.

AARP/UHC Medicare Supplement Insurance will contact you and offer you the opportunity to choose from up to seven (7) Medicare Supplement Plans.  Each plan offers a different level of benefits and cost that will allow you to select a plan that meets the retirees’ individual needs.  You must be enrolled in both Medicare A and B to be eligible to participate.  It is also important to know that your AARP/UHC Medicare Supplement Insurance plan coverage is guaranteed renewable, as long as your premiums are paid timely.

The AARP/UHC Medicare RX Plan provides predictable coverage that helps protect you from unexpected changes in your prescription drug costs today in the future.  They are available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, five U.S. territories and have a national pharmacy network with over 60,000 pharmacies.  The plan’s drug list covers 100% of Medicare eligible drugs.

The City of New Orleans will contribute a specific amount per month for the AARP/UHC Medicare RX Plan for both the retiree and spouse, if the spouse is 65 years old and over.  If the spouse is under 65 years old he/she will remain under the city’s plan, including any eligible dependent children.  Premium for your spouse and/or dependent children, who remain with the City’s healthcare plan will be deducted from the retirees’ pension benefits.

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