Smoke-Free Ordinance Complaints

Under the city’s smoke-free ordinance, smoking and vaping (use of electronic smoking devices) is prohibited in many locations across the city, including restaurants, bars, and casinos. To comply with the ordinance, owners of businesses where smoking and vaping are prohibited are required to:

  1. Post “no smoking or vaping” signs in compliance with Health Department regulations,
  2. Remove ashtrays, and
  3. Ask individuals smoking or vaping in violation of the ordinance to stop or leave. 

If you observe a possible violation, please notify the owner or manager of the establishment because they are responsible for compliance. 


  • If the management does not take corrective action, you may report possible violations to the Health Department using the form below:

Formal complaints

The Health Department will follow-up with you and the business within five business days.

Anonymous complaints

  • Alternatively, you may submit an anonymous complaint by completing the form below. However, the Health Department will not be able to contact you if further information is needed. 

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