Standards for Digital Submissions

File Types

Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical plans must be submitted in .pdf format. Layers should be flattened and made into a single image to reduce file size.

Specifications, renderings, photos, presentations, and other supplemental information can be submitted in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .xls (.pdf is preferred) and should be consolidated into as few separate files as possible.

PowerPoint (.ppt) presentations and any other supplemental material should be converted to .pdf format prior to submittal.

3D models can be submitted as 3D-pdf files.

File Makeup

All architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans shall be in one file so that the plans examiner may scroll through the file and have the ability to view all pages without opening another file. For larger projects, separate .pdf files for architectural, mechanical, and electrical plans may be submitted.

Drawings should not be submitted as individual sheets drawings presented as where individual sheets are all separate files will not be accepted.

All sheets shall be properly oriented so that the top of the drawing appears at the top of the monitor.

Scanned Documents

All submitted documents should be exported as .pdf files rather than printed and scanned, whenever possible.

Plans which are only available in paper form should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Supplemental materials may be scanned at lower resolutions, provided that the content remains legible.

Means of Submission

Documents up to 25MB can be uploaded at as part of the online application process.

If applying in person, documents may be submitted on CD-ROM, DVD, or USB drive. These submissions will be uploaded into the City’s permitting database at the time of application.


Any necessary revisions to initial submissions must be submitted as follows, with revised pages clearly labeled as “REVISED.”

  • If revisions are being made to ten (10) sheets or less, these sheets may be submitted on their own, staff will merge them into the complete construction documents and replace the specific sheets.
  • If revisions are being made to more than ten (10) sheets, these revisions must be submitted as a new version of the full construction documents with revised pages clearly labeled.
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