Mayor's Summer Job Post-Survey

Thank you for filling out this survey, your responses will help us improve this program in the future! Please complete your name, birth date, and email for your chance to win a gift card.

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Look back and reflect on your overall experience. Mark how much you agree with each of the following statements.

I got a better sense of what I am good at
My supervisor made me feel the work I did was important
This experience helped me identify and understand my skills
Overall, this experience made me more hopeful about the future
I discovered career pathways aligned to my life goals
I developed new skills that helped me be successful
I gained valuable skills
My supervisor gave me feedback that improved my skills
I got better at communicating my strengths to others
What I experienced will help me be successful in the future
I was provided opportunities to reflect on how well I was doing
I felt like an important part of this program community
This experience made me even more committed to my educational goals
I enjoyed what I did
I felt valued and appreciated by others
My supervisor is an adult I trust
This experience increased my confidence
I found a sense of purpose and meaning in what I did

Before coming into the program, how confident were you in your ability to succeed in the program? I WAS _______.

What adjectives best describe your typical daily program experience? (Check all that apply)

Looking back on your experience, how much to you agree with each statement about your own skill performance?

I actively looked for ways to help other people
I took responsibility for my actions
I communicated professionally
I graciously accepted criticism
I arrived on time and was rarely absent without cause
I identified new and more effective ways to solve problems
I got work done on time and did not procrastinate (Did not put things off to later)

What is your gender identity?

Please share your racial and ethnic identity. Select all that apply.

What other programs have you previously completed? Select all that apply.

Please select your current school enrollment or last level completed if you are no longer enrolled.

What is the highest level of education attained by your mother?

What is the highest level of education attained by your father?

What is the job/occupational status of your mother?

What is the job/occupational status of your father?

With your permission, your answers can help learn about the best ways to help youth gain skills and to research how effective this program is. Your responses will be reported anonymously. Your decision to share them or not will not affect your experience or relationship with the program. There will be no direct benefit from your participation, though it will help to try to improve the program in the future. Participation in the survey carries no known risks.

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