About the Office of Transportation

The first-ever Mayor’s Office of Transportation, officially established by Executive Order 18-05, is designed to ensure communication among departments and external partners to promote transportation priorities that encourage safety, equity, regional connectivity and multi-modal accommodations to provide for the future prosperity of the City and its citizens.

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation shall serve as the vehicle for facilitating coordination of transportation infrastructure projects and initiatives for the City of New Orleans. The Office shall be the liaison on behalf of the City with the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (“RPC”), the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (“RTA”), the Port of New Orleans, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (DOTD), and other transportation related partners. The office shall coordinate projects and strategic initiatives among internal departments and external partners and advise the Mayor and the Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”) and Deputy CAO’s of the status of transportation opportunities.


  • To prioritize a people-centered approach to planning our streets that emphasizes livability;
  • To push for transit equity so citizens are better connected via transit and bike to jobs and services;
  • To connect regionally to surrounding parishes for seamless movement of people and freight that fosters economic vitality;
  • To leverage assets and ensure streets are utilized in a manner that best serves the citizens.

Decision-making Framework

  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Connectivity
  • Efficiency  

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