Hire NOLA First Source And Section 3 Certification Application

The Hire NOLA First Source and Section 3 database is used to refer local and disadvantaged workers to contractors working on City and HUD funded projects, with a specific focus on public construction. If you are interested in being considered for potential hiring opportunities on City and HUD funded projects, please complete the Hire NOLA First Source and Section 3 Certifiction Application below. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance. 

Hire NOLA 

Email: hirenola@nola.gov
Phone: 504-658-4500

Section 3

Email: laborcompliance@nola.gov
Phone: 504-658-4203

Learn More About Section 3 and Local Hiring

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Are you a disadvantaged local worker, currently experiencing at least one of the following?*:

  • History of prior arrest or conviction
  • Homeless
  • A custodial single parent
  • Chronically unemployed
  • Have been emancipated from the foster care system
  • A veteran of the U.S. military
  • Underemployed, meaning working less than 1,000
    hours in the past year, or Unemployed, meaning
    having no current source of income.
Are you currently a recipient of, or eligible for public assistance within the last year provided by one or more programs, including food stamps, TANF, Section 8or LIHEAP?*:

Are you a resident of a public housing development, such as those managed by HANO?*:

During the last 3 years, has your family income been at or below the levels indicated in the chart below? *:

Calendar Year 1 person family 2 person family 3 person family 4 person family 5 person family 6 person family 7 person family 8 person family
2018 36,750 42,000 47,250 52,500 56,700 60,900 65,100 69,300
2017 35,500 40,550 45,600 50,650 54,750 58,800 62,850 66,900
2016 33,600 38,400 43,200 48,000 51,850 55,700 59,550 63,400
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