Bicycle Registration (Bike Tag)

As of January 1, 2019, the Department of Safety and Permits regulates bicycle registration for City of New Orleans residents. Regulations are outlined in Chapter 154:1401-1470 of the City Code of New Orleans.

Registration, although voluntary for the general public, is encouraged as a way to facilitate recovery in the event it is misplaced, stolen, or impounded.

All bicycles registered through us are automatically registered with Bike Index, a national database of over 191,000 bicycles. This database can be searched by anyone all over the world, including law enforcement, who can contact the owner directly if a bicycle is recovered.

Each registered bicycle is assigned a registration sticker, also known as a "bike tag". This tag has a unique serial number that can be used by law enforcement to contact the owner if recovered.

How to Register

City of New Orleans residents may register their bicycles on the 7th floor of City Hall (1300 Perdido St) during regular business hours. The registrant must provide the bicycle make, model, color and manufacturer's serial number.


The price to register a bicycle is $5. This includes the bike tag, which will be given to the registrant to affix to the bicycle frame.

Owners of a fleet of 25 or more bicycles must register by appointment only. Please provide us with the bicycle information (make, model, color, serial number) and owner contact information.

Please note that bicycles used for rental are required to be registered (CCNO 154:1409).

Proof of Ownership

Bicycle registration does not act as proof of ownership, which is not required at the time of registration. Registration is simply a tool used in recovery of the bicycle if it is missing.

Stolen or Missing Bicycles

If your bicycle is stolen or missing, you should report it to NOPD. You may also report it as stolen on the Bike Index registry by logging in with the email address you provided during registration.

If you have found an abandoned bicycle with a bike tag on it, you should contact NOPD. You may also search Bike Index and contact the owner directly. This process is secure and does not reveal any contact information about the owner.

If you are buying a bicycle with a bike tag on it, you may check to see if it was reported stolen on Bike Index before buying it.

Changing Contact Info or Selling a Bicycle

If you provided an email address at the time of registration, you'll be able to log in to Bike Index and change your contact info. You may also transfer your registration to someone else. If you didn't provide an email address, contact us and we can update your information.

Existing Registrations

If you previously registered your bike through NOPD, the registration is still valid and has been transferred to Bike Index. There is no need to re-register your bike.

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