Helpful tools, maps and dashboards



  • 311 dashboard

    311 Dashboard

    Showing 311 requests filterable by status, date, reason and responsible agency.

  • Accessibility Dashboard

    Accessibility Dashboard

    This dashboard was created by the New Orleans Department of Public Works to show pedestrian accessibility infrastructure throughout the city. Curb ramps' importance for targeted upgrades, as well as ramps' most recently visually self-evaluated compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), are the primary features shown on this map. 

  • Affordable Housing Metrics Dashboard

    Affordable Housing Metrics

    A visualization of OCD-funded affordable housing developments organized by affordability terms, address and unit count.

  • Criminal Justice - Case Level Prosecution Decisions

    Criminal Justice - Case Level Prosecution Decisions

    Illustrates how arrests made by police are processed by the District Attorney and the Criminal District Court. The case level charts show the number and percentages of any charges from an individual’s case that was accepted or refused by the prosecution dependent on the case. 

  • Criminal Justice - Charge Level Prosecution Decisions

    Criminal Justice - Charge Level Prosecution Decisions

    Illustrates how arrests made by police are processed by the District Attorney and the Criminal District Court. The charge level visualizations show the data for the total accepted and refused charges for each type of charge filed in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

  • Criminal Justice - Domestic Violence Prosecution Decisions

    Criminal Justice - Domestic Violence Prosecution Decisions

    Illustrates how domestic violence arrests made by police are processed by the District Attorney and the Criminal District Court. The visualization allows members of the public to see the percentage and number of the chosen set are accepted or refused by prosecutors. 

  • Criminal Justice - Jail Admissions

    Criminal Justice - Jail Admissions

    After an incident is reported and an arrest is made, a New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) officer can bring the arrested individual to the Orleans Justice Center. Booking is the process of a person being admitted to the jail. 

  • Screenshot of DPW Maintenance Dashboard

    DPW Maintenance Dashboard

    Display 311 calls for service for DPW as well as counts for parking tickets, tows and boots.

  • Enforcement Dashboard

    Enforcement Dashboard

    • Code Enforcement
    • Zoning Enforcement
    • Historic Districts Landmarks Commission (HDLC) Enforcement
    • Vieux Carré Commission (VCC) Enforcement
    • Alcohol Beverage Outlets (ABOs) Enforcement
    • Short Term Rentals (STRs) Enforcement
  • NOPD Community Policing Signals

    NOPD Community Policing Signals

    The data is presented in both the number of incidents officers classified with a community policing signal and the time officers spent handling those incidents. 

  • NOPD Demographics

    NOPD Demographics

    This visualization shows the sex, race, age, and years of service in counts and percentages for all of NOPD. It can be filtered to show or hide data for civilian, commissioned, and reserve personnel with the Rank dropdown. The data can also be filtered with the Bureau and Command dropdowns. 

  • NOPD Integrity Control

    NOPD Integrity Control

    This graph includes all misconduct allegations documented in IAPro in the last 90 days. IAPro is the database used by NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau.

  • New Orleans Historical Murder Dashboard

    NOPD New Orleans Historical Murders

    Historical data from 1992 through 2019 via FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports (SHR). NOPD submissions to SHR prior to 1992 are less reliable. Data on murders from 2021 to present via NOPD. Current year data updated monthly.

  • NOPD Use of Force

    NOPD Use of Force

    Represents use of force data from IAPro. 

  • NOPD Vehicle Pursuits

    NOPD Vehicle Pursuits

    Reflects dispatcher data with Type "1028P" (Vehicle Pursuit).

  • Traffic Safety Dashboard

    Transportation Safety Dashboard

    A compilation of fatal, severe, and moderate injury crashes that have occurred within the geographic boundary of New Orleans between 2017 -2021.

  • Permitting and Licensing Dashboard

    Permitting and Licensing Dashboard

    • Occupational Business licenses
    • Residential and commercial permits
  • Property Management Condition Dashboard

    The purpose of the dashboard is to convey to the public the condition of properties owned and managed by the Department of Property Management.


  • Map with thousands of dots representing inspected catch basins.

    Catch Basin Maintenance

    Monitor the status of catch basin inspection and cleaning.

  • Crime Map

    Crime Map

    LexisNexis Community Crime Map empowers the public to make better decisions about crime by putting the same technology used by law enforcement to analyze and interpret crime activity into the hands of the public, connecting law enforcement with the community to reduce crime and improve public safety.

  • Map of New Orleans with indistinguishable data points and frequency chart with hour and day of week axes

    Explore NOLA

    Search and explore open and closed 311 tickets, crime data, permits, and businesses

  • Screenshot of Property Viewer showing the Zoning and Future Land Use information of a property in Gentilly

    Property Viewer

    Get ownership and zoning information for a property

  • Screenshot of Roadwork map showing roads under construction now in New Orleans


    Learn about past, current, and future road work projects that affect your daily life

  • Routewise screenshot


    Parade tracker! Routewise is a list of upcoming events (parades, marathons, etc.) that you may want to know about.

  • Map of STR Active Licenses

    STR Active Licenses

    Shows only Active STR licenses

  • Map of all applications, and licenses including active and expired

    STR Applications and Active/Expired License Data

    Shows all applications, and licenses including active and expired.

  • Screenshot of Streetwise showing red dots representing traffic incidents on a map of New Orleans


    Find a map of auto accidents and flooded street reports

  • Screenshot of Virtual Library with a colorful map of the Vieux Carré and historic street level photo of 1950's automobiles.

    Vieux Carré Virtual Library

    The Vieux Carré Virtual Library is a map-based electronic archive of countless Vieux Carré Commission images, documents, and records. 

  • Weatherwise screenshot


    Weatherwise is an overview of all City weather stations in Orleans Parish, providing real-time localized weather reporting.

Web Apps

  • Screenshot of Adopt-a-Catch Basin app showing a map of downtown New Orleans with different color points representing catch basin adoption status

    Adopt-a-Catch Basin

    Help your neighborhood streets by adopting a catch basin and let us know when it doesn’t work

  • Screenshot of property listing with addresses, image of lot, and statuses

    NORA Property Search

    Browse NORA-owned property, check the status, and submit expressions of interest

  • Screenshot of NoticeMe app with a neighborhood association selected and its boundaries shown on a map


    Receive email updates about land-use changes in your area

  • Screenshot of One Stop App showing details of permits and planning projects

    OneStop App (Permits & Licenses)

    The public portal for researching and submitting city permits and licenses.

  • Screenshot of Egov services login page

    Pay Taxes

    Pay your property or real estate taxes, and sales, use, or parking taxes

  • Screenshot of

    Tax Bills

    Search an index of as-printed tax bills from 2008-present, and view the PDF version of the bills.

  • Screenshot of Where Y'at showing municipal areas, neighborhood names, zoning information, and historic districts for City Hall address

    Where Y'At?

    Lookup service, zoning, and neighborhood information for a specific address

Other City Websites

  • Screenshot of the City Council website

    New Orleans City Council

    The Official website of the New Orleans City Council

  • Screenshot of Clean Up NOLA

    Clean Up Nola

    Clean Up NOLA is a comprehensive, coordinated initiative combining the efforts of multiple City departments and the community to make New Orleans shine.

  • Screenshot of

    New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

    A Codification of the Zoning Ordinances of New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Screenshot of EPIC

    EPIC (Ethical Policing Is Courageous)

    Ethical Policing Is Courageous (EPIC) is a peer intervention program developed by the NOPD, in collaboration with community partners, to promote a culture of high-quality and ethical policing.

  • Screenshot of Film New Orleans

    Film New Orleans

    Film New Orleans leads the city’s efforts to attract and enhance the production of feature films, television series, documentaries and commercial filming. 

  • Screenshot of

    Gallier Hall

    Gallier Hall is a living, breathing part of New Orleans culture that is still called upon to host current events such as Mardi Gras, weddings, funerals, conferences and much more.

  • Screenshot of

    Hire NOPD

    Hire NOPD officers as security detail for retail & restaurant security, property protection (neighborhood patrol, worksite protection), permitted Special Event, etc.

  • Screenshot of Join NOEMS

    Join NOEMS

    Explore the opportunities of New Orleans EMS, whether you're a seasoned paramedic with years of experience or a skilled EMT looking to grow in your career.

  • Screenshot of Join NOPD

    Join NOPD

    Join the New Orleans Police Department today and become an integral part of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

  • Screenshot of

    Master Plan: A Plan for the 21st Century

    This comprehensive, citywide plan will guide the city’s growth for the next 20 years.

  • Screenshot of NOLA Ready

    NOLA Ready

    Stay connected, make a plan, gather supplies. NOLA Ready is your partner in emergency preparedness.

  • Screenshot of NOPD News

    NOPD News

    News & information from the New Orleans Police Department.

  • Screenshot of


    Addiction affects people and their lives in different ways. So, there has to be more than one approach to helping them through it.

  • Screenshot of


    The Official website of the New Orleans Recreation Department.

  • Screenshot of RoadWork


    The City of New Orleans Department of Public Works (DPW) and Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) are working together to implement an unprecedented program to restore our damaged infrastructure. Using local and federal funds, the $2.3B program is the most comprehensive that our region has seen in a generation.