Bracing Permit

A Bracing permit is required to erect a stand for Mardi Gras. You will also need a Building permit and/or a Certificate of Occupancy. Certificates of Occupancy are only issued when the Building permit is approved and all required inspections have been made. All seasonal /special event permits are temporary and are only valid for the duration of the event. Visit the Mardi Gras Permits and Licenses Guide for more general information. 


  • On private property in a Non-Historic District: $60
  • On private property in a Historic District: $190
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Churches /Schools): $285
  • On public property in the Central Business District: $190
    • VCC/HDLC Surcharges may apply

Required Documents

  • Mardi Gras (Stands and Bracing) Permit
  • Approval from the Historic District Landmark Commission (504-658-7040) or Vieux Carre Commission (504-658-1420) if bracing is located on private property within a local historic district
  • Plot plan delineating the boundaries of the property and the location and dimensions of the bracing on the property. The location and distance to the nearest fire hydrant must be indicated
  • Letter from the property owner authorizing the use of the property, if the applicant is not the owner. If the property is owned by a company, the letter must be provided on company letterhead
  • Approval from the Department of Public Works if the bracing is to be placed on public property (contact the Traffic Engineering Division at 504-658-8040. In certain instances approval may also be required from the Parks and Parkways (504-658-3200). These reviews will be performed internally following application to the One Stop in 7W03 in City Hall.
  • Letter with a live seal from a Louisiana registered architect or civil engineer stating that: the structure is capable of withstanding a minimum of 100 psf live load, the structure provides 42" guardrails for public safety, stairs will have risers not more than 7" high and not less than 4", with treads not less than 11", with handrails not less than 34" high nor greater than 38" high, handicapped ramps, where provided, shall have a slope of 1:12, in accordance with ANSI A.117.1, the width of landings shall not be less than the width of the stairways /ramps they serve

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