Building Permit Extension

Most building permits are valid for six months after the datae of issuance. If work is in progress and you know it will not be finished by the expiration date, you can call (504) 658-7200 to request a General Inspection before the expiration date. An inspector will confirm that work is in progress, and your permit will be extended for another six months.

If your permit has already expired, you can submit a Permit Extension Request Form. On the form, you will have to include the reason for the extension request, a description of what work has been started, and a description of the work that is remaining. If the contractor or contract have changed since the permit was issued, you will need to provide the latest contract. The minimum fee for a permit extension after the expiration date has passed is $65. If the contract value has increased, there may be additional fees to reflect the new contract value.

You can email the form and other documentation to with the subject line Extension: [property address], or you can mail it in or drop it off at the Department of Safety and Permits at City Hall:

City of New Orleans
Department of Safety & Permits
1340 Poydras St, Suite 800
New Orleans, LA 70112

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