Can I Add Documents After My Application Is Submitted?

If you were the original web applicant, and you are logged in with the same web account you used to file the application, you can still add documents to your application (although you cannot change any of the text fields). Documents can be added by the original web applicant up until the permit has been approved. Nothing can be added after approval or issuance.

If those conditions are true, you can add documents by navigating to your permit application in the "Your Items" page and clicking the "View" link directly below the permit address on the application you would like to update. "View" will take you back to a page that includes a "Documents" tab, where you can review documents you've already submitted and upload additional documents.

Please note, that you cannot upload more than 25 mb of documents at one time. If you have one file greater than 25 mb you will either need to break it up into smaller files, or contact your reviewer to arrange delivery. If you have multiple files that total more than 25 mb together, you must upload them in batches smaller than 25 mb at one time.

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