Can I Share Access To My Application With Someone Else?

Yes - if you filed an application online, you can share access with another web user to allow them to upload documents and view application information that the general public can't see.

  1. To share access, log in to your One Stop App account and go to the Your Items section. Locate the permit or license application you would like to share, and click the "View" link.
  2. Click the "Users" tab on the page that opens:
  3. On the "Users" tab, you will be able to enter the email address of the person you would like to share access with. If the email you enter is not associated with a One Stop App web account, you will see the message, "User has not registered and cannot be added". In that case, please have the person you would like to share access with go to to create a One Stop App account, and return to the View page for your application after they have registered.
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