Concession Stand Permit

A Concession Stand permit is required when you are planning on selling items during Mardi Gras through a portable or non-portable structure in a fixed location. You will also need a Mardi Gras (Stand and Bracing) Permit. Certificates of Occupancy are only issued when the building permit is approved and all required inspections have been made. All seasonal /special event permits are temporary and are only valid for the duration of the event. You must also apply for an Occupational License with the Department of Finance, Bureau of Revenue. If food is to be served, approval is required from the State Health Department 504-942-8283. Visit the Mardi Gras Permits and Licenses Guide for more general information. 


  • On private property in a Non-Historic District: $190
  • On private property in a Historic District: $285
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Churches /Schools): $30

Required Documents

  • Mardi Gras (Stand and Bracing) Permit
  • Plot plan delineating the boundaries of the property and the location and dimensions of the concession stand. The location and distance to the nearest fire hydrant must be indicated. The stand must be: on a parade route, on private property, situated as to not interfere with pedestrian movement on the sidewalk, setback a minimum of six (6) feet from the property lines
  • Letter from the property owner authorizing the use of the property, if the applicant is not the owner
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